Koleksi Corak Sulaman

Do you feel bored with your old baju kurung? and reluctant to wear it at festivals or at the official ceremony, to look more stylish with a variety of embroidery patterns. Certainly you can draw the attention of anyone with this embroidery pattern. Do not worry, because we offer the lowest  prices in the market.

To anyone who is interested and wants to have a baju kurung / baju kurung modern / blouse etc, are styled with a variety of embroidery patterns, no matter old or new clothes,We provide services to embroidery designs with reasonable prices and affordable . 

Currently, we only accept orders for clothes that are ready sewn only:

Here is a list of embroidery design collection available for booking (arround & Kota Kinabalu):Please specify pattern code, as well as the part of your 'baju kurung' to be embroidered i.e round neck & bottom..etc

We also provide embroidery services for logo, handkerchiefs, towels, clothes, school badges, name tags etc..

Sure you will be satisfied and excited!

Postal Address:

P.O.Box 30284
Pejabat Pos Beverly
88700 Kota Kinabalu
016-8310385 (for order)
rewards for introducer! 

This product is from Epal company. I got this because Im a valid Registered Member. These embroidery pattern is designed by Epal.

Embroidery patterns for Baju Kurung/Kebaya:


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